Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gain solid qualified traffic and increase profits with our Search Engine Optimization Research and Analysis Package. The SEO service you get from us is personally attended and custom made specifically for your needs and the characteristics of the real estate industry.

You want certain fundamental returns from your SEO campaigns — such as indexing, ranking, qualified traffic, and higher sales conversions. We take everything in consideration to custom build a proven campaign that will yield long-term results.

We optimize the best possible value and ROI for your SEO campaigns by FIRST doing a thorough analysis of where your competition is now in relation to your market and then providing an in-depth online marketing analysis of how you can reach your goals for ranking, traffic, and conversions with the most efficient means.

We’re sure you want to spend your hard-earned marketing budget into what REALLY works and what gets you the GREATEST return.

You will get a thorough, personally-attended audit of your market, with the best strategies for returning the greatest profits for your investment, a wide-exposure of your website in all search engines, and a bountiful increase in leads and sales.

The bottom-line is, from our SEO service, you will get a steady flow of highly-targeted and ready-to-buy traffic to your website, and as a result, much more profit for yourself!

Once we have finished our research and provided a thorough analysis of your site we can discuss what can be done to improve your ranking, and traffic. We will provide you with a detailed prospectus on what you can do to increase your SEO/SEM.

Our SEO Research and Analysis will lay a foundation for great long-term solutions.

Keyword Research

  • We will research best possible keywords for qualified traffic and conversions.
    The keywords can also help off-line marketing and branding.
  • You will receive advice regarding the custom list of the
    top keywords for high conversion and high traffic for your area.

Market Analysis

  • We will find your place in the market and find out what is needed to improve
    that position.
  • An audit of your sites will be done to benchmark improvements.
  • We will benchmark your site with rank and density reports versus your competition
    to determine your SEO strategy.

We’ll provide clearly defined, specific approaches to improving EACH of your fundamental SEO concerns: indexing, ranking, traffic, and conversion. The strategic options we recommend will be custom tailored to be your best ROI… And of course, we will be here to consult with you now, and as your business grows.

This approach WILL produce solid and measurable results for you and it WILL return a solid ROI. It’s also scaleable in depth in most areas of SEO. To deliver effectively, we need to perform a thorough research and analysis of where your site is now and what we can do to get it where you want it.

“Google, Yahoo, And Bing… Ranking In The Top 3”

What does this do for us as a company? We get about 1500 FREE visitors to our website every day. Free to the extent that we did not have to pay a penny for that particular lead. They are what an SEO guru would call “organic traffic”, which basically means they are not pay-per-click and are a direct result of our SEO Tactics.

When you type a search phrase, for example Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Real Estate, there are two types of search results on the screen. It doesn’t matter which of the search engines you use, the top three and most of the others have Organic listings and Pay Per Click (PPC) listings. See Figure 1.

For this project, we are developing a website that is VERY search engine friendly that will climb the organic listings of the search engines. The PPC traffic is very competitive, and basically, whoever has the most money to waste wins. We’re not going after that traffic. Most people don’t click the PPC link anyway.

The good and the bad about organic listings is this. Basically, what’s bad about it is that it takes time to get a brand new site or even a newly renovated site to rank high quickly. Actually, the search engines would throw up a red flag if we climbed to the #1 spot overnight.

The absolutely good, and even great, part about it is once we get you up there using these grass roots, work like a charm tactics, you’ll stay up there indefinitely. We will actually be monitoring the rank status 24/7 to ensure it.

What’s different about us versus the standard Real Estate SEO company? Well, for starters, about half of the “SEO” companies can get you ranked #1 by using what the industry calls “black hat tactics” or even by using terms that no body is searching for. The problem with both of these is that they are very short term. Once the search engines discover you’ve utilized “Black Hat Tactics”, they will not only drop your rank, they will likely even ban you. The other scammers will have you ranked for terms no one searches for, which will last only as long as it takes for you to figure out you have no website visitors. We are Real Estate Marketing Pros.

We have on staff, Real Estate Marketing Professionals. So, the main difference between us and them is we are using grass roots, legal tactics that work very well and are designed using the latest search engine algorithms for the most searched terms in your real estate market.

The Solution To The Secondary Problem: We have on staff Website Designers, Graphic Artists, Real Estate search engine optimization experts, Sales Copywriters.

It’s even worse for agent sites. We already interviewed several dozen agents about there sites. Some of them have 2000 to 3000 visitors to their websites per month. The sad thing is that, for the 2000 to 3000 visitors, some of them have a little as 2-3 prospects per month. That’s prospects, not clients.

Even the great agent websites, agents who are spending several thousand dollars per year on their site, are only generating about 5 deals per year. I grant you that 5 deals should be sufficient to be a significant return on their money.

“Convert Traffic… At Rates Of 8.9% – 29.8%

So here’s a little lesson on conversion. There are basically four conversions that happen on the client or customer conversion track. First, there are the visitors (surfers) to a Website. Let’s call them suspects for now. We don’t know anything about them at this point except that they were willing to invest their time and come to our site.

Second in our relationship building process is to get them to invest a little privacy with us and reveal their name, email address, etc. The more we can get the better. We’ll have to give something of value to them in return, however.

Ideally, we’d like to give them something of value that will get them further down the sales path. For a buyer, it should be something that helps them take steps toward buying, and the same sort of thing for the seller lead. If the visitor doesn’t value what we have, they are kind of self qualifying but not proceeding to build a relationship with us.

The next goal is to convert them to a customer/client. For us that means they list their property for sale with us, or they sign an exclusive buyer’s agency agreement. They’ve committed to us, and we to them. See figure 2.

Real Estate Conversion Tracking

To wrap up our lesson on conversion, the final goal is to establish referrals and repurchases (re-hires). This is a topic often talked about, but not many agents, or companies for that matter, have it really working for them. If you really had a great referral system in place, you could, theoretically count on 80% of your business coming from this 20% of faithful customers.

What We’re Doing: I’ve heard once before “see a need and fill it”, and, to some extent, that is what we, as REALTORS®, do. Sellers need to sell houses. Buyers need to buy houses. We help them both achieve their goals. So, we see a need for Real Estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be provided to our clients and industry as a whole, and we’ve made it our goal to come up with a solution and deliver it.

What You Need The Most From the Internet: A way to generate a large volume of targeted website traffic for your local real estate market, that turns into prospects (captured leads). These, in turn, should be qualified and turn into appointments with buyers and sellers of homes. Our advanced search engine optimization tactics can help you get there… really!

So, combine these solutions: 1) Highly Ranked Website, 2) Highly Converting Sales Process, and 3) all of the material I’ve created over the years for lead mastery, listing presentations, buyer conversion, etc., and you have a VERY high likelihood of great success on the Internet. A turn key website engineered and designed for success.

“Large Volume Of Leads…Turned Into Sales”

I’d like to be the first in the Real Estate Industry to provide the total package to Real Estate Agents and fill, what I believe to be, one of the greatest needs our clients and the industry have.

Beta Project: We already know the real estate SEO tactics we have work. There are a dozen or so sites we’ve successfully gotten ranked at the top of the search engines.

What’s In It For You? Well, what would it be like if you were ranked #1 in your market for Real Estate? Not only that, what if the traffic you did get was converted to income?

If you are located in Boise, Idaho, that means you’ll see the lion’s share of 18,0001 searches per month. By the way, the #1 ranked spot typically gets ~47% of the searches, or 8,460 visitors in this case. (ex. Atlanta, Georgia = 30,1601 , Las Vegas, Nevada = 62,5141)

“You Ranked #1 In Your Market… Now Can You Convert Them?

What Will It Cost You? There will be a small up front cost and a monthly payment that is one-fourth of what some of our clients are currently paying the HomeGainTM and HouseValuesTM people.

“Favorable Results Within 3-6 Months”

During this 12-month campaign, we’ll also be developing websites to beat your competitors in your specific market along with conversion strategies that will help you convert the new Internet traffic into qualified leads.

Please be sure to write in your email or mention over the phone what local real estate market it is that you’d like to dominate on the Internet. If you currently have a website please reference the address for us.

“We Need To Hear From You Right Away”

Interested yet? So, do you have a plan to rescue your local real estate market’s Internet leads? Are you tired of having to pay a ransom to rescue the leads you have a right to anyway? If so, help me come up with a solution for all of us by contacting us today for a free real estate SEO analysis on your site. Don’t have a site? We can build you one that’s extremely affordable. Just fill out the form above.