Conversion – Converting Surfers Into Leads

Here’s a little lesson on conversion. There are basically four conversions that happen on the client or customer conversion track. First, there are the visitors (surfers) to a Website. Let’s call them suspects for now. We don’t know anything about them at this point except that they were willing to invest their time and come to our site. Second in our relationship building process is to get them to invest a little privacy with us and reveal their name, email address, etc. The more we can get the better. We’ll have to give something of value to them in return, however.

Ideally, we’d like to give them something of value that will get them further down the sales path. For a buyer, it should be something that helps them take steps toward buying, and the same sort of thing for the seller lead. If the visitor doesn’t value what we have, they are kind of self qualifying but not proceeding to build a relationship with us.

The next goal is to convert them to a customer/client. For us that means they list their property for sale with us, or they sign an exclusive buyer’s agency agreement. They’ve committed to us, and we to them. See figure 2.

Real Estate Conversion Tracking

To wrap up our lesson on conversion, the final goal is to establish referrals and repurchases (re-hires). This is a topic often talked about, but not many agents, or companies for that matter, have it really working for them. If you really had a great referral system in place, you could, theoretically count on 80% of your business coming from this 20% of faithful customers.

What We’re Doing: I’ve heard once before “see a need and fill it”, and, to some extent, that is what we, as REALTORS®, do. Sellers need to sell houses. Buyers need to buy houses. We help them both achieve their goals. So, we see a need for this service to be provided to our clients and industry as a whole, and we’ve made it our goal to come up with a solution and deliver it.

What You Need The Most From the Internet: A way to generate a large volume of targeted website traffic for your local real estate market, that turns into prospects (captured leads). These, in turn, should be qualified and turn into appointments with buyers and sellers of homes.

So, combine these solutions: 1) Highly Ranked Website, 2) Highly Converting Sales Process, and 3) all of the material I’ve created over the years for lead mastery, listing presentations, buyer conversion, etc., and you have a VERY high likelihood of great success on the Internet. A turn key website engineered and designed for success.