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Real Estate SEO – Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Dollars

What’s your plan for Internet leads?

“Ranked #1 In Your Market For Real Estate? Hell, Are You Even On the First Page?”

Are you being held hostage by the third-party interlopers who are extorting money from you for leads you deserve anyway?

Trulia, C-21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Keller Williams, Prudential, RE/MAX all have plans on how they’re going to rescue leads from the third parties like HomeGain and HouseValues.

Independents are dealing with it on a local basis; buying clicks for their market at up to $5 – $10+ per click.

Several of our coaching clients are paying a couple thousand dollars a month, so they can own a block of leads just so their competition won’t get them.

Primary Problem: Acquiring Internet Leads without paying a fortune to the third-party lead kidnappers (lead terrorists I jokingly said yesterday) or paying thousands of dollars a year for Pay-Per-Click traffic.

“Acquiring Internet Leads Without Paying A Fortune Using Real Estate SEO”

Secondary Problem: Capturing, assessing, qualifying, and converting those leads to commission dollars.

“Converting Those Leads To Commission Dollars”

Maybe you’re being held hostage by the third-party folks, but you say to yourself, “At least I’m getting leads.” But, how good are you at converting those leads to something of real value to you and your business? If your website is like the Internet average website, maybe 1% – 2% of these leads are being converted to GCI. If you are great at conversion, you may be experiencing 3%, 4%, maybe even 5%.

“Internet Average…1% – 2%…Converted To GCI”

The Solution To The Primary Problem: What if I were to tell you that we’ve discovered, and are actually using, proprietary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics to achieve top page rankings on the 16 top search engines? For the major three Google, Yahoo, and MSN, which account for 90% of all Internet traffic, we are ranking in the top three for some of the most competitive search phrases (Real Estate Training & Real Estate Coaching) in the Real Estate Industry.